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Posted by ik9vi - November 12, 2015

Happy Thursday guys. Keep trucking along, it’s almost Friday! We wanted to keep our promise from our last post and share some business holiday cards that we created for companies in the past and share a little bit about each one (we are in the giving mood already). As always, let us know if you are interested in us creating a personalized card for your company or even just your family today! We hope you enjoy.

Dino Land- We created this card for a museum based our of Utah. The wanted something simple but also something that would catch a second look from their customers. Therefore we created this. Inside the card they had personalized comments to the families and some included discounts to their museum.

hc 6

Here we created a simple solid base holiday card for a football kicking company in Texas. FYI they hold football kicking camps in Dallas, Tx year round as well as kicking lessons. This was a simple one as well where we took their logo and made it work with the color scheme to create a unique look for them. All in all, they were very pleased as were their clients.

hc 5

Here is another we made for an advertising company based out of Oregon. They gave us the wording and we created a picture along with the overall layout and color scheme. We liked this on because it was subtle but also generous. Thanks and a o by the way come spend some more money over here 😉


hc 7


So simple yet so intriguing. The color scheme in this one with the dark blue skies and the bright white letters really make this card POP. A building (their building) and a Christmas tree. Sometimes being simple is key. Too much going on can push your client base away. Don’t waste time, get to the point and you’ll be good to go.


hc 8


What do you think about these business holiday cards? These were just a small sample of some that we have created over the years. Don’t let the simplicity on these throw you for a loop. Our design team is capable of ANYTHING you are wanting to design. Literally. Throw your ideas at us on our contact page or by emailing us at

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